Pin Tab

Maximum Security with flexibility

Dot matrix printers are the past… old technology, expensive to run, poor design, poor security, use of ribbons, no corporate branding, lack flexibility.

NEW Pin mailers that can be printed using Laser or Ink jet printers.

• The mailer can be to your chosen size: A4 and A5, continuous and sheet
• No specialist or expensive processing equipment required
• No specialist or expensive printers required: pin-tab mailers are being printed on over 100 types of laser printers for all major manufacturers
• We supply pin-tab fonts to use with the Pin-Tab mailer
• We will help you with selecting the best font size to give you the most secure pin printing
• We are the only provider of an ink-jet pin mailer solution

The pin-tab label can be placed anywhere on the form adding flexibility to the form design.

We can deliver this Product in almost all countries, except Finland.

Please ask more information .